Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Whats currently afoot! (amazing numerical things in haskell)

Hey internet. Sorry we've not spoken lately.

So a few months ago I started working on designing some tools for doing numerical computation in a much nicer way (in haskell of course!). I've been pretty busy with it, but its very exciting stuff. I was even at one point considering submitting a proposal for technical area 1 of the DARPA XDATA initiative (which was a bit of a challenge to even try to organize, as I only found out about the solicitation 2 weeks before it was due!).

Anyways, turns out real businesses want to use (and pay for) my data analysis tools ( "Cashew") the moment I have them ready! So I'm a bit buried with coding right now. But stay tuned!

Yes, Haskell + Data Analysis & Numerical Computation + business users! Have a look see at whats going on at www.wellposed.com  this fall to find out more :)

(edit: one thing I'm also doing aside from writing these tools is doing a bunch of work to improve the open source numerical ecosystem in haskell. eg trying to get a bsd3 lin alg out the door, whether via teaming with a maintainer of current packages, or rolling my own. One way or another twill happen. see github for a rough view of the current state of that :) )

(edit2: assuming the business gets off the ground this fall, hopefully i'll be fortunate enough to have the challenging problem of finding great colleagues to join me full time in my escapades)

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  1. So why write them in Haskell rather than write bindings for the great C routines out there for common numerical methods?